Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Plates for Ottawa Food Bank volunteers

Each year the Ottawa Guild of Potters holds a fund raiser for the Ottawa Food Bank, called "Great Bowls of Fire".  Potters donate soup bowls, Ottawa restaurants donate soups and bread and the big event takes place at the Glebe Community Center.  It's a popular event; all 500 or so tickets sell out within days.  This year over $14,000 was raised for the Food Bank.  You can read about it here:

This year the Ottawa Food Bank asked if some of the potters from the Guild would like to make plates that they will give to some of their volunteers at their annual Volunteer Appreciation Lunch.  Five potters were asked to make 50 plates.  They all have the phrase "may you never hunger, may you never thirst" written on them.  Here are a few of the plates I made.

On the back of each plate, the event is noted.
We all delivered our plates last week.  It was great to see the variety that were created!  Sarah at the Food Bank gave us a tour of their office and warehouse.  Very impressive work that they do.  You can read about them here

Here's one with a crystalline glaze by Deb Mcleod

Plates by Carrie Leavoy

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