Sunday, September 18, 2011

Summer in review (aka "Summer's over")

While I didn't spend as much time as I would have liked making pots this summer, I did sell alot of pots at craft fairs.  This year, the weather at these outdoor shows was stellar--helping to make it an enjoyable experience for artists and attendees alike.  Herbfest and the Bancroft sale were repeat performances for me and Strathcona Park was new.  A few images from each follow.

Herbfest in Almonte was a feast for all the senses.  Great food, nice music, fantastic variety of handcrafted goods  in  a relaxing environment (The Herb Garden and surrounding farm land) despite the crowds!
The Bancroft Art & Crafts guild puts on a smaller show the week-end of the Bancroft Gemboree, which brings thousands of folks to this mineral town in cottage country.  A two day event in Millenium Park.  The homemade baking on sale was a sweet bargain!

All these years in Ottawa, and I had to look up Strathcona Park on a map!  I'm usually on the bike path across the river when in this neighbourhood.  For a show in which vendors set up on a first come first serve basis, the flow of stalls alongside the meandering path works really well.  Kudos to the organizers who are raising funds for the Ottawa Mental Health Association.

Thanks to those of you who made it out to these sales.  I enjoyed being reacquainted with customers from years gone by, and making new acquaintances.

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