Saturday, November 21, 2015

Nice to see support for local artisans!

It's been great to meet customers who are coming out to the shows, supporting local handcrafted items.  Someone said today, "it must be tiring" (maybe I looked tired.....) but my response is that it's great to meet people who are using my pots and to get feedback from them.  I get lots of solitary time in my studio.  I would never want to spend all my time in the studio, or all my time at shows; this usually feels like a satisfying mix.  Also there are often new ideas presented to me, that get the creative juices flowing.  In the new year when I'm back in my studio, I like to take the time to call up some of those ideas and try out some new directions.  

Nepean Christmas Craft Show all set up and ready for customers

Hintonburg Christmas Craft Fair

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